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5-17-17 . WELCOME BACK01.01.17 13:43:55
INFERNAL OT WELCOMES YOU BACK it has been a while..

Welcome back.. It has been a while .. Infernal OT is back to bring you the great content to tibia.. we have been around about 6 years now .. come join us for a brand new reset and be the best..

~*Port*~: 7171
~*Client*~: 8.6
~*Uptime*~: 24/7
~*Hosted in*~: USA 98% uptime
~*Website*~: Infernal OT - Lastest News
~*Exp rate*~: 999x
~*Map*~: Custom!
~*Runes*~: Infinite Manarunes and ammo and SD's and such
~*Loot rate*~: 2x
~*Server type*~: PVP
~*Skills & Magic rates*~: You dont need them. Special made weapons for every vocation
~ health and mana get shown in % that way it doesnt bug out and you know the correct amount.. also mana and health have been lifted so you can recieve more then 2.3billion.
~ over 5 custom events that automatically start

4 standard vocations with 10 promotions.. each promotion comes with new spells and sets..
Start with a set from the bosses and then u upgrade them with crystals from bosses to get the next item for your prestige and promotion,,

More Features:
high rebirth prestige server
Custom monsters
Custom map
Custom spells
Custom Vocations
Custom Items
+ Alot of more.

link for pics..
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